Tab For A Cause

I found an article on The Huffington Post that talks about Tab For A Cause. I already feel better about my project just because of this one source. I know if The Huffington Post has talked about it, then I’m sure to find more sources. It is also giving me some great stats like:

So far, 3,000 people have used the app, and Tab For a Cause has donated about $4,000 to charities, according to the paper.

Then that link sends me to the Los Angeles Times. I’m pretty excited to work on this project. The author seems to be someone who is always busy, and he/she appeals to that audience as well. Like college students, business people, writers, etc. This web text is about what Tab For A Cause is. It is background information and describes how it works. I think that this article achieves its goal, to inform an audience about this cool alternative to donating and raising awareness.