You gained 50 XP! Level up!

I messed around with Tagxedo and made a wordcloud out of my Where I’m From poem. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to; for some reason I couldn’t fix the size of the word ‘cheese,’ and that really bugged me. The result was this:

A new media for me was The Wilderness Downtown. It really creates a story for you based on an address that you give it.¬†Unfortunetly I cannot link to the story I created, but I used OCU’s address, 2501 N. Blackwelder Ave., OKC, OK 73106. So just click the hyperlink above and input the address to see it.

I also created a Wiki page on Geocaching. This was a new experience, because I’ve never created a page that people could possibly view and use as a reference for something. It was a little stressful, because I didn’t want to get any information wrong. I also felt like I could add so much more information.

I also created a snapshot digital story that talked about a concert I went to and just growing up. I can’t link to this either because iMovie says that some audio files are missing, and it’s still a rough draft anyway. This was a really fun project to work on though, and I definitely wouldn’t mind making another one or even using it as a teaching tool in the future.

Another digital project that was new for me was this blog. Like I said in my first blog posting, this type of blogging is completely new to me. I’ve never really been familiar with blogging outside of diary-type blogs. This was a great¬†experience¬†for me because it made me go out of my comfort zone and write about things that I normally wouldn’t bother with. I’m really glad I got to do something like this.


On Geocaching and Wiki Pages

I picked geocaching because I have actually been able to experience it, so writing about it seemed like a simple enough task. However, I quickly learned that just because you like something and may have done it, it does not mean that writing a wiki page about it will be easy. There is a lot more to writing a wiki page than I originally thought. I realized that you need background info, resources, and more information than ‘oh I’ve done this. You use a GPS,’ but I had no idea how to put it all together and make it actually look professional and at least semi informative. I never realized that it takes a lot more than just a basic knowledge of something. You almost need to be an expert. And I’m definitely no expert.

I think that wiki pages, Wikipedia, and other editable places of information are a really great thing to use and have in this digital age since everything is constantly changing in both the world and technology. Especially since pages like “O-type main sequence star” are less likely to be edited inappropriately. Whereas pages like “Justin Bieber” might be edited everyday. Informative and I suppose more ‘serious’ pages that students and people turn to, to get actual usable information are extremely helpful, because you never know when an O-type main sequence star could suddenly change or Justin Bieber could get a new haircut.

Overall I would say that I enjoyed writing my Wiki page, but maybe on the next one I’ll try to do a bit more research on how to actually write one.