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Final Blogfolio

I have always made ‘blog’ and ‘casual’ synonyms in my mind, but now I have learned that is not always the case. This blog is way more formal than my other blog that I use daily. Maybe it’s because this blog is technically a homework assignment, or maybe it’s because I know that no one professional will ever read my other blog (and I definitely don’t want them to). Either way, this blog really tested my ability to write casually but with a formal tone which is not something I do everyday. I think I managed to do this well enough in my blog postings. I mean, capitalize and punctuate where I’m supposed to, and I’m half way there.

The internet is fantastic. There are so many different ways to use it. For example, I have two separate windows open right now. One of them, the one I’m currently on now, has fourteen tabs open and all of them have to do with homework (for this class to be more specific). The other window only has six tabs, but it is the one I spend the most time on per day because it has my other blog, facebook, youtube, etc. open constantly so that I have a link to the outside world without going outside. Which is also kind of the downfall and benefit of living in a digital world. But back to the tabs thing. I have fourteen tabs open right now to help me write a paper. That sounds like a lot and it is, but just think, if I had fourteen books open in front of me, I’d get no where. Plus I’d probably be buried under those books instead of having them just a click away.

I included the blog postings that most convey my personality best through words. The ones that are opinionated and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed this blogging experience, and I can honestly say it did live up to my expectations of it. It showed me that there are blogs that aren’t just diaries for people to vent in, but there are academic blogs, sports blogs, scientific blogs, activist blogs, and so many more. This experience was definitely an eye opener, and I think it will greatly help me over the course of the future. And who knows, I may decide to do an assignment like this in my classroom one day too. Including this blog posting, I have blogged a total of 4486 words.

My Favorite Comment:

This is my favorite comment because it’s advice. I really enjoy giving advice to people who ask for it. Now I’m not saying that I’m the best advice giver ever, but sometimes it’s nice to think that I’m sharing wisdom with someone younger than me and that it possibly helped them a lot.

A Blog Posting That Inspired Me:

I think the reason this blog posting inspired me the most is because it’s really simple. I enjoy simplicity and building a fire, to me at least, is exactly that. 

My Blog Postings:

  • The Strongest:


I think that this is one of my strongest blog postings because I really went in depth with it. I made myself explore questions and come up with answers that I probably wouldn’t have before.


This posting is also a strong one because I had to talk about something personal to me; my fear of heights. 

  • Where I Stretched Myself the Most:


The original post did inspire me, but in terms of relating it back to the different literacies, it was pretty difficult for me. Mainly because at the time, I didn’t fully understand what each of them were.

  • The Most Analytical and Best Use of Hyperlinks:


I just really enjoyed reading the original article and then writing about it. I think I did a really good job of hyperlinking without being obnoxious about it. 

  • The Best Use of A Visual Image:


I made sure to talk about what geocaching is and to add to it, I put a video of the first geocache so that it’s not just me blabbering on about it.


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