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Practice Blogfolio

I included the blog postings that most convey my personality best through words. The ones that are opinionated and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed this blogging experience, and I can honestly say it did live up to my expectations of it. It showed me that there are blogs that aren’t just diaries for people to vent in, but there are academic blogs, sports blogs, scientific blogs, activist blogs, and so many more. This experience was definitely an eye opener, and I think it will greatly help me over the course of the future. And who knows, I may decide to do an assignment like this in my classroom one day too. Including this blog posting, I have blogged a total of 3316 words.

My Favorite Comment:

A Blog Posting That Inspired Me:

My Blog Postings:

  • The Strongest:



  • Where I Stretched Myself the Most:


  • The Most Analytical and Best Use of Hyperlinks:


  • The Best Use of A Visual Image:



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