On the ICC Workshop

I went to the ICC workshops on Wednesday and Friday from 12:30-2 both days. Let me start off by saying that I really enjoy working with children, and getting the chance to help them develop creatively was just amazing. I was able to spend a few moments with several different third grade children and help them with Kerpoof. There was one student that I helped with the end project of her story. At first she just wanted me to watch and listen to her story, which I did happily. At one point she couldn’t figure out why one of her text boxes weren’t working. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite know how to fix it, but I was able to quickly figure it out and fix it with her. Then she didn’t know what to name it. We brainstormed for a few moments, and I asked her what if she named it after the lyrics she had just put into her story minutes ago. She¬†immediately¬†brightened up and quickly typed out the words and saved her story.¬†

It was great being able to help someone finish a story and see them be proud of their work like that. It’s something that I hope to do when I finally have my own classroom full of students. Granted they’ll high school students and not third graders, but I’m sure some of them will still have the maturity of a third grader.