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To This Day Project

by Shane Koyczan


3 thoughts on “To This Day Project

  1. Just watched this. It Left me speechless. My favorite part was when the birthmark was mentioned, and when he mentions how a “Mom” is the definition of beauty. This actually made me tear up. This couldn’t be more true.
    Beauty: b-you-tee, (n.) Mom, a thing of great strength and determination.
    My mom and dad got a divorce when I was seven, from then on I lived with my mom. Just me and her and soon to be my little sister. My mom has been there through the good and the bad, through the nights when our electricity was shut off due to unpaid bills that she called a night full of “hide and go seek in the dark.” Through the countless moves from apartment to duplex to apartment to house back to an apartment. Moving from school to school being the new girl with the bangs, crooked teeth and bottle-cap glasses, she was always there as my best friend. This doesn’t quite relate to video, but it’s just what I thought of when I saw that part.

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